“I am very selective on what supplements I take, and Ripper Nutrition’s Oxy Ripper makes the cut! The explosive energy and added focus I get makes it a key supplement in my training camp.”

Kevin Lee

UFC Superstar


“I am very selective on what supplements I take, and Ripper Nutrition’s Oxy Ripper makes the cut! The explosive energy and added focus I get makes it a key supplement in my training camp.”

Kevin Lee

UFC Superstar

“Throughout my career, I was always seeking the most superior supplements to help me in my training. I’ve stopped searching and assembled the best team of doctors and experts to develop the ‘Most Advanced Supplements Ever Formulated.’ I couldn’t be happier with the results and am proud to launch our exclusive pre-workout formula, OXY Ripper, alongside the ultimate recovery formula Amino Ripper. Ripper Nutrition will always deliver the purest, cleanest and best supplements for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.”

Badou Jack

Professional Boxer, 2-division World Champion, Founder of Ripper Nutrition

“Ever since I tried OXY Ripper, I have been full of energy, and endurance.The taste is amazing… OXY Ripper kicks in right away, so my work out never gets off to a slow start. I highly recommend it for anybody who likes to stay in shape.”


Hip Hop Artist

“After trying OXY Ripper, I noticed a huge increase of my energy throughout my workout and had an exhilarating training session that I enjoyed and took full advantage of! OXY Ripper is truly different than any other supplement that I’ve ever tried before and most certainly recommend this to everyone!”

Jessie Vargas

Professional Boxer, 2-division World Champion

“I typically stay away from pre-workout supplements because of bad past experiences, but when asked to try OXY Ripper, I have to say it truly is in a class of its own. Aside from the great taste, it gave me explosive energy throughout my workout and I felt a big difference in training without feeling jittery. OXY Ripper is the real deal!”

King Mo

Bellator MMA Superstar, 2-time World Champion

“I don’t typically like pre-workout supplements but I love OXY Ripper! I feel the energy boost without the jitters like other pre-workout formulas I’ve tried. It gives me more focus during my sessions, makes me want to train longer, and I love that it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals!”

Maricela Cornejo

Professional Boxer, WBC International Champion

“I am no stranger to taking supplements to give me a much needed boost at the level that I like to train and work my fighters at. OXY Ripper is all and much more than what it’s cracked up to be! I felt a tremendous burst of energy from the very first time I used it and gave me sustainable energy that carried me throughout my entire day of working out several professional boxers and mixed martial arts fighters! I will definitely add OXY Ripper to my daily use supplement list and you should as well!!”

Dewey Cooper

Former Professional Boxer & Kickboxer, Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee, 2-time World Champion, 8-time World Boxing Champion Head Coach

“OXY Ripper tastes great and gives you that extra kick for a superb workout. There is no energy crash and it will leave you feeling like new! You can’t go wrong with OXY Ripper”

Ashley Theophane

British Champion

“I’ve tried many pre-workout supplements, but have never had the results I did with OXY Ripper. This stuff is fire and the best that’s out there! OXY Ripper will now be a part of each of my training camps!”

J’Leon Love

Super Middleweight Boxer

“This is the best pre-workout supplement ever! Besides the delicious taste and all of the vitamins, aminos and minerals it has, it gives me energy throughout my entire workout and I feel so focused. I love OXY Ripper!”

Latondria Jones

Professional Boxer

“At Almost 40 years of age, my body has taken a beating and a lot of punishment throughout the years. I recently began using Amino Ripper in my last training camp, and can honestly say I’ve never felt or looked better in my entire career. In the fight itself, I was able to sustain a grueling 10 rounds with one of the best boxers in my weight class. Take it from someone who has been competing at an elite level for many years, Amino Ripper is the real deal. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

Ishe Smith

Professional Boxer, IBF World Champion

“I love OXY Ripper! I take it before my workout to give me extra energy and focus. This is the best stuff on the market!”

Andrew Tabiti

Professional Boxer, NABF Cruiserweight Champion