Badu Jack

Meet the Muslim boxing champion on a mission to improve life for the world’s orphans

Our very own Badou Jack was recently interviewed by The National and it’s always great to learn more about how he gives back to the community that’s given him so much. Badu has fed and clothed the people of three villages in his native Gambia, a stable but poor West African state, and paid for them to be supplied with electricity. His work rebuilt the medical centre of Al Baqaa camp for Palestinian refugees in Jordan and supplied it with new medical equipment, and he has supported orphanages and communities around the world.

After winning a big title fight night, many boxing champions celebrate with a garish show of wealth and excess. Badou Jack channels his energy into feeding orphans in some of world’s poorest countries. Undertaking tours between title bouts, the 34-year-old has funded meals in Jordanian refugee camps and donated clothing to villages in Gambia.

The 34-year-old former WBC super middleweight and former WBA light heavyweight champion has made it his mission to help give as many children as possible around the world “a fighting chance”.

“A fighting chance is to help them with books, food, electricity, whatever it could be and wherever, in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, everywhere and to everybody that needs help,” says Jack, who was born to a Swedish mother and Gambian father.

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