Why is it called Ripper Nutrition?

Ripper Nutrition is named after one of the top professional boxers and world champions today, as well as an international philanthropist and company co-founder, Badou Jack “The Ripper.”

What is your mission?

Ripper Nutrition provides the best value of any health and performance enhancement supplements on the market today.

What is your mission?

Ripper Nutrition provides the best value of any health and performance enhancement supplements on the market today.

All of our products utilize clean, high-quality ingredients enriched with the dynamic peptide, Lunasin.

Where is Ripper Nutrition products manufactured?

All of our products are manufactured in Las Vegas, NV, USA.


What professional athletes use Ripper Nutrition products?

Ripper Nutrition is recognized as the Official Amino Acid of the UFC’s top nutritionist team, Lockhart and Leith. Lockhart and Leith certified nutritionists use Amino Ripper post-workout BCAAs as part of the hydration process for clients competing in the UFC during their weight cut.

Ripper Nutrition has great reviews by many of today’s top professional athletes and celebrities, including boxers Badou Jack and Jessie Vargas, MMA superstars Kevin Lee and “King Mo” Lawal, Hip-hop artist and reality TV personality Papoose, and many others. To read reviews from our trusted athletes and celebrities, visit our Testimonials page. 

Do I have to be a professional athlete to take Ripper Nutrition BCAAs?

Our products are designed to benefit users at all levels and are highly recommended for any health-conscious adult to take.

Throughout this year, we will be expanding our product line to include healthy nutritional supplement options for children as well.


What products do you offer?

Ripper Nutrition launched in 2018 offering pre- and post-workout Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).

New sports and health supplement lines will become available throughout this year.

Are your products third-party tested for banned substances?

OXY Ripper and Amino Ripper BCAAs have been skip-lot tested for banned substances under the Informed-Choice program. Products undergo rigorous testing using ISO 17025 accredited methods to provide the highest level of assurance for athletes.

For further information about the testing process, please visit Informed Choice.

What makes Ripper Nutrition BCAAs better than the rest?

Ripper Nutrition BCAAs are made for champions, because they are designed by a champion.

As an elite athlete, 2-division world boxing champion Badou Jack “The Ripper” requires the highest grade, cleanest and most effective supplements to enhance his training regimen.

Our BCAAs are caffeine-free, made with high-grade ingredients that are safe for competition, and are the only sports supplements in the world that are enriched with Lunasin.

What is Lunasin?

Lunasin is a powerful antioxidant that clinical studies have shown to reduce inflammation, support heart health, and boost your immune system. It is an all-natural ingredient derived from plant-based proteins.

Learn more at the Lunasin page. 

How do your products taste?

Taste is a priority at Ripper Nutrition and dozens of formula trials are performed to deliver tastes you will love while maintaining performance effectiveness. Our premiere BCAA flavors, Jacked Berry and Xplosive Grape, consistently test positively in focus groups.

The sweetness intensity of each product may be adjusted by using more or less water than the recommended dosage.


When should I use OXY and Amino Ripper BCAAs?

OXY Ripper should be taken 20-30 minutes prior to your workout and is safe to use anytime throughout the day for a boost of energy.

Amino Ripper should be taken within 30 minutes of the conclusion of your workout to aide in muscle recovery and is safe to use anytime throughout the day to enjoy its benefits.

When planning an extreme workout, it is safe to double the dose of OXY and Amino Ripper for maximum results.


Do you have any discount programs?

There are many ways to save with Ripper Nutrition!

  • Save 25% off all products added to your monthly Replenishment Program. This option is available on all product pages.
  • Save over $10 on any combination of OXY and Amino Ripper by purchasing a Ripper Pack for $99.
  • Save with free shipping on all orders between $75 to $600, before taxes.
  • Join the Ripper Nutrition mailing list to receive periodic announcements about special promotions and coupons. 
What is your domestic and international shipping policy?

Shipping fees are exempt on orders of $75 or more, before tax, to customers in the United States, and does not apply on orders exceeding $600. All non-exempt orders are shipped using USPS Priority rates.

We do not currently ship outside of the United States, but that option will be available soon.

What is your return policy?

If you’ve received damaged goods and/or are not fully satisfied with your order, contact our service department via email or calling our toll-free line, 866-RIPPER-1. 

Return claims must be made within 90 days of your order. Verified claims will receive a full refund or store credit for the purchase amount. Previous sale prices may not be modified.


How do I edit my account information?

Visit the My Account page to view your order history, update personal information (billing/shipping address, email, user name, password), or update your payment information

How do I track my order?

To track your order, refer to your delivery confirmation email or click the My Account link and view your recent purchases for USPS tracking information. (link to My Account page)

If you need further assistance, contact our service department via email or calling our toll-free line, 866-RIPPER-1.

How does the Replenishment Program work?

To enroll in the Replenishment Program and save an additional 25% on you order, click the ‘Subscribe and Save’ option on the product page of your choice. Your chosen items will be replenished once per month and your chosen method of payment will be automatically charged the same amount each month until you opt out.

To opt out of the Replenishment Program, click the My Account link and edit the contents of your order.

How do I unsubscribe or deactivate my account?

To unsubscribe from the Ripper Nutrition mailing list, click here.

To deactivate your account, click here.


I’m interested in promoting Ripper Nutrition products.

Qualified candidates may apply to become a Ripper Nutrition ambassador by visiting our Ambassador page.


How do I become a Ripper nutrition distributor?

Qualified candidates may apply to become a Ripper Nutrition distributor by visiting our Distributor page.



A portion of every dollar spent with Ripper Nutrition goes toward helping children in need.